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Missing Certificates?

LocalFlavor has made it quick and easy to manage your certificates! That being said we understand that sometimes new features can be a bit confusing. Allow us to explain...

The “Mark as Used” option that you are seeing tells your account that you have used this certificate and removes it from your available certificate list. We offer this function for your personal records as there are certain merchants who do not redeem their certificates right away.

If you discover that you have accidentally marked a certificate as used you are the only person who may reverse this process; we do not have access to do this. You may reverse this by clicking the “mark as unused” in the same manner that you marked the certificate as used.

If you are attempting to mark are certificate as “unused” and you do not see that certificate any more please locate the "Used/Expired” button in the middle of the page under the orange header bar on your “All My Certificates” page, and make sure that the "Show" button is grayed out, this will allow you to view all of your certificates: available, expired, and used.

NOTE - When completing these steps please make sure that you are on a standard desktop computer or laptop as you will not be able to make these changes when trying to do so on a mobile device.

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