Missing Certificates?

LocalFlavor has made it quick and easy to manage your certificates! That being said we understand that sometimes new features can be a bit confusing. Allow us to explain...

LocalFlavor provides you with multiple login options. You have the option of creating a LocalFlavor account or you may log in with your Facebook, Google and or Apple ID account. To access your purchase you must visit our website at and log in selecting the same log-in option you choose at the time of purchase. Once signed in you’ll have access to your account and any purchases made in that account. You are also able to update your profile information if needed and change or request any new password resets needed at that time.

If you discover that you have accidentally marked a certificate as used you are the only person who may reverse this process; we do not have access to do this. You may reverse this by clicking the “mark as unused” in the same manner that you marked the certificate as used.

If you are attempting to mark a certificate as 'un-used' you will need to choose the "Mark as Unused" icon and once clicked on it will un-mark the certificate.

NOTE: You cannot un-mark and mark certificates as used or un-used via the mobile app. This function is only available via a desktop or a mobile browser.


NOTE - When completing these steps please make sure that you are on a standard desktop computer or laptop as you will not be able to make these changes when trying to do so on a mobile device.

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