Two Apps - What's the Difference?

We are so happy that you are ready to download our mobile app version.

However when you are looking at either iTunes or the Google Play store you may be seeing two (2) apps. Allow us to explain...
This app is our Consumer app.
If you are a patron of LocalFlavor this apps for you! This app makes it easier than ever to shop, buy, access your deals and stay connected with the businesses in your hometown or wherever you’re headed.
This is our Merchant app.
If you're business is running a deal with LocalFlavor this is your app! This app is the perfect cashier, server or managers' companion if your business is running a Local Flavor marketing program.
If you are a patron and have accidentally downloaded the Merchant app you will need to uninstall this app and download the Consumer app that is shown above. The Consumer app is the ONLY app in which you will be able to access your account. 


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