Updating Email Subscriptions Website/App/ Market

While we’re sorry to see you go, we can certainly help you unsubscribe from our emails.

1. Log in to your LocalFlavor account at or thru the App

2. Click on Red circle icon in the upper right-hand corner

3. Click on the Subscriptions

4. On this page you will have the option to;

5. Receive your "Featured Daily Email" daily, weekly, or never

· Opt in or out of Promo Code Emails

· Opt in or out of our Amazing Deals Emails, which are emails that we send out every week letting you know which new deals are going to be available


 Updating Your Market:

In order to change your market please follows these steps:
1. Log on to
2. In the location box you may input the desired zip code or city and state that you would like to set as your home location
3. Once you have applied the desired location please choose the "Subscriptions" option by going to the red circle in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on subscriptions. You will see the home location is set there.

You will now see that the desired location is set. You may also use this same tool if you are traveling and looking at other deal markets. Always remember that if you change the location from your home location you will have to set it back to the home location once you are done browsing other markets.

We're available from Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST to help you! Submit a Request.

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