Moved or Moving?- Still Have Valid Deals But Moved?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to update your location or market for you, but you can easily manage this inside your own account.

In order to change your market please follows these steps:

1. Log on to
2. In the location box you may input the desired zip code or city and state that you would like to set as your home location
3. Once you have applied the desired location please choose the "Subscriptions" option by going to the red circle in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on subscriptions. You will see the home location is set there.

You will now see that the desired location is set. You may also use this same tool if you are traveling and looking at other deal markets. Always remember that if you change the location from your home location you will have to set it back to the home location once you are done browsing other markets.


Moved with Valid/Expired deals:

LocalFlavor does not warrant relocation. We do not credit/refund for relocation and per the Federal Gift Card Act, we are not obligated to refund and or credit expired certificates unless a merchant is out of business or confirmed not honoring.


To better understand our policy, please click on the link below:


******Please use the deals or gift them at your earliest convenience.

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