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Merchant Refusing to Honor

During the Promotional period

Not to worry! Please contact us and let us know. We will take it from there. 

We take every customer report very seriously. If we do not have any documented information on the deal that you are contacting us about we treat it as a high priority. 

We ask that you please allow us approximately three (3) business days to reach out and confirm the merchant's status. We'll update you just as soon as we have any additional information. If after the three (3) business days we do not have any confirmation we will offer then either a site credit or credit card refund based off of our Terms of Service and Refund Policy.

For an Expired certificate - 

We apologize that the merchant will not honor the paid value of your certificate. Should you encounter difficulty while redeeming your expired certificate we would be more than happy to escalate this on to our Merchant Support team. 

That being said, we are not able to guarantee that the Merchant will comply with this as it is a federally mandated law and not a policy of Adhering to this law places the sole responsibility of honoring expired certificates to the Merchant as our contract with the Merchant has expired. If the Merchant refuses to honor outside of the promotional period we are unable to offer a refund or a credit for the amount that you paid.

We're available from Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm EST to help you! Submit a Request.

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